Monday, July 5, 2010

Alladista (2010) - Telugu Movie

Cast : Udaykiran, Meera Jasmine, Richard, Sudarshana Sen, Vivek, Radha Ravi, J K Ritheesh, Ramba, Larencce Raghavendra, Lakshmi Rai and Others
Cinematography : Vijay Raghav
Producer: SP. Murugesan
Director: Bali Srirangam
Released Date: June 25, 2010

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Story Line :

Surya (uday) who is a forest officer and he falls in love with a girl Meghala (meera) who aspires to be an IPS officer. Surya helps her to achieve her dream. The story takes a turn with the arrival of Nagendra (richard) who is known to be a reformist with ideas and getting appealed by this, a student Prabhavathy (sudarshana) falls in love and gets married to him. But she discovers the evil side of Nagendra post marriage and eventually gets murdered. Surya gets the blame for that due to unforeseen circumstances. Enters Megala who decides to unveil the mystery of the case. What happens after that forms the rest of the story.

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